Buchanan Liberia Hospital

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Liberia’s healthcare system depends heavily on international donor support. This is where EMPOWERED to RESTORE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL comes in to save the day for Liberia! Many healthcare facilities are run by the government, donors, or through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including faith-based organizations. Generally, there is minimal private sector involvement in the health arena.

Liberia’s health system is beset with serious capacity problems. It is chronically short of human resources, equipment, and drugs. The decentralization policy faces serious challenges, not least of which is the difficulty of finding professional healthcare workers willing to deploy to far-flung areas. EMPOWERED to RESTORE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL will be completely hands on to ensure a new infusion of prayer and medical presence in Liberia. This organization’s reputation will be presented on a global scale to entice sponsorships, donations and financial support from private and public sectors, global ministries and volunteers that are willing to contribute towards this massive and much needed development that we are in process of building

Why Hospital

Liberians suffer from high mortality and morbidity, resulting from a combination of poor living conditions and lack of quality healthcare. Infectious diseases are a major contributor to ill health and lost productivity: for example, it is estimated that one-third of Liberians suffer from malaria each year.

Raise Hand For Charity

E.T.R.M.I. is pleased with the opportunity to join forces with some of the best professionals in the fields of medicine and humanitarian aide, to bring the “EMPOWERED to RESTORE MINISTRIES INTL. MARKETING Campaign” into being.